It started with fireworks. Really, it did. We met on the fourth of July, but it wasn’t love at first sight. A few years later we met again while out with mutual friends and that’s when everything clicked. A few years later we were engaged and two years after that we made it official. So, it really did begin with fireworks.

Now, as a husband and wife duo, we took that one step further and became business partners. After the birth of our daughter we found it difficult to find products we needed that were affordable without sacrificing quality. Naturally, we decided to launch our own company so that we could help others in our situation discover high quality baby items that are also affordable.

Hard-working and efficient, we are known as a dynamic team driven by a common goal to enjoy what we do. Named from the first two letters of each of our names (Bunrath and Melissa), bume baby is a brand new business with a bold dream for the future. We want nothing more than to provide adorable, gorgeous, and practical products for parents just like us with budgets that aren’t endless.

Hailing from the Pacific North West, in our spare time you can find us goofing around and having a lot of fun together. We believe in laughter, joy, and beauty, and trying to embrace all three as much as possible. Our living room often turns into a dance party and our hallways often turn into roadways for sock sliding competitions. As you can see, we try not to take life too seriously.

Without losing that childlike wonder that this culture so often tries to steal from us, we embrace life to the fullest and bume baby is an extension of that. A dream for wonder while also complementing the practicality and necessities of life.

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